About Us

Metaverse Stage strives to utilize the effectiveness of multimedia storytelling to produce compelling films that inform, empower, and engage developmental growth within individuals and communities. Our goal is to position ourselves as one of the preeminent VR film production companies in the state of California, and subsequently, North America. We will accomplish this by staying ahead of industry trends, new technologies and divergent creative styles. By collaborating with free thinking artists and brand leaders, we are confident in our ability to achieve these lofty goals. It is our intention to raise the collective conscience of everyone that comes in contact with a Metaverse Stage production.

With 14 years of experience and expertise in the Virtual Reality Industry, our ability to create compelling imagery that will entertain and or educate has been proven.  Our clients are diverse with a common goal, to use innovative VR technology to enhance their messaging while engaging and or building their audiences and brand.

We achieve this with bleeding edge technological services. Our chief objective is to ideate stories paired with compelling imagery. Metaverse Stage will walk you through exploration of creative concepts, thoughtful consultation, organized and fluid pre-production, production and post. Distribution is also available on one of our YouTube and/or Meta Quest TV Channels.

Metaverse Stage Mission

Our goal at Metaverse Stage is to inspire, educate and empower emerging artists and media outlets through the use of bleeding edge technologies, in order to reach audiences within a new and ever evolving frontier. 

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Meet The Team

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Keeley Turner

Keeley Turner is an award-winning XR Filmmaker and Webby Nominee. She has directed and created immersive VR content for Canon, Meta, WSJ, Dior, Netflix, Top Gear, PETA, and Ford. She has also worked in the virtual production space creating plates used in a trailer for the Colin Kaepernick Netflix documentary Collin in Black and White in 2021. In 2021, she also had the opportunity to work with Cosm on the VR Tokyo 2021 Olympics by assisting as production coordinator. Her goal is to entertain while inspiring her audience through the use of cutting edge technology.

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Hugh Hou

Hugh Hou is a Visual storyteller, filmmaker, educator and entrepreneur. Hugh runs a very successful VR filmmaking YouTube Channel (HughHouFilm) with over 120K Subscribers. A YouTuber with a focus in immersive media content creation and has produced VR content for numerous companies and organizations such as Samsung, Beijing Olympics 2022, Google, Meta, MasterCard, Canon, TikTok, LACOSTE, and Intel.He also directs and produces Mixed Reality music videos. He worked with musical artists such as I Prevail, Joyner Lucas, Cypress Hill, Moneybagg yo and SHAED. When he’s not producing original VR films, Hugh dedicates his time to sharing his vast expertise in immersive technologies and VR filmmaking on his YouTube channel. He truly believes that by sharing freely with the world through YouTube, mentoring and consulting, more creators will join the immersive media family. Hugh’s goal is to help the VR industry thrive and to improve the quality of VR filmmaking.