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An outdoor panoramic scene with vibrant city lights and reflections on water, captured by photographer Marc Schulte. A dynamic urban landscape at night

We focus on the entertainment use cases of VR and provide full-service film production in virtual reality and extended reality services, including but not limited to: Consultation, Conceptualization of Immersive Storytelling, Pre-production, In-Studio or On-Location VR Production, and Post-production Editing Services. We produce original short and full length Narrative VR content from start to finish, VR Livestreams, Music Videos, Concerts, Commercials and Sporting Events. 


Hugh Hou and the Metaverse Stage Team enjoy hosting one hour or two hour consultations whether in person or over a virtual conference call. Hou has a wealth of knowledge in the ever growing VR production space including but not limited to 360/180 VR production, VR editing, upscaling footage, relevant tech, and workflows. Sign up for your consultation with Hugh Hou today!

Immersive Storytelling

The goal of immersive storytelling is to transport the audience into the story's world, making them emotionally invested and active participants in the narrative. It often relies on the use of technology, but it can also be achieved through innovative storytelling techniques, set design, and audience interaction. Immersive storytelling has been increasingly popular in entertainment, education, marketing, and various other fields to create memorable and engaging experiences.

Team Training

We at TMS strive to share our knowledge of VR production and post-production with all those willing to learn. Hugh Hou is known for his YouTube tutorials teaching nativist and pros alike VR cinematic techniques. We can help train your team to have the most optimal workflows for your production pipelines.


In-Studio or On-Location VR Production

Post-production Editing

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