• Cassian

Cassian: A Hollow Man

For Theatrical Release
and Streaming Platforms

2 Seasons / 13 Episodes
10-12 Minutes
VR Headset Streaming Platforms

Our film audience will encompass a diverse group of individuals interested in the deep psychological struggles of our anti-hero’s dark and gritty journey through alcoholism, toxic relationships, rebellion, and redemption—especially, fans of rock and roll, and the alternative rock and grunge scene of the 90s. Due to the adult themes of abuse, sex, and addiction—our story resonates with both women and men, 18 and over, attracted to narratives of an unpredictable, and all too often tragically comical lifestyle created by an addict chasing his dreams.

The VR Series will appeal to a younger generation who are attracted to the same spontaneous characters and emotional story elements that resonate with our film audience--but who seek a new, more interactive, unique and engaging VR experience.